Our Vision
        "Preservation of Water and enhance water resource availability through people-government participation."



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         Be a part of our team to help us achieve our vision. Please email us at prinfo@nanodams.org and tell us how can you contribute to be a part of our team to bring a change. We are looking for project managers, execution leaders and volunteers to bring awareness both at government and public level.

         Please feel free to leave your comments regarding nanodams concept to prinfo@nanodams.org. If you are a professor or a research scientist at university or government sponsered agency, please mantion your designation and background. We are collecting feedbacks from experienced professionals and would like to post them on web.



Welcome to Nano Dam Foundation


Nanodam development foundation is a non-profit organization involved in development of nanodams in India. We are working with various state governments of India to develop nanodams as a supplementary water storage system for benefit of people. Additional source of water will act as ponds for bird and aquatic life; helps to recharge ground water level in adjacent area and maintain humidity during summer conditions. Water storage is spread across the length of the riverbed, which helps to increase resource availability for the given geographic area.

-- And all these benefits without submerging any surface land!!


What happened to all that water in the river!! Where did it go?  

Picture of river Tunga taken in winter

Credit: Google earth




Picture of river Tunga taken in summer

Credit: Google earth


So where did water go? Click here to learn more

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