Some of the every year news we see during summer!!

Temperatures raising....

City sizzles: Highest temperature in 25 yrs

""BANGALORE: Scorching — that’s what Bangalore has become. Sunday’s maximum temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature of 24.2 degrees Celsius has been the highest in the past 25 years. The all-time maximum and minimum temperatures for April till date has been 38.3 degrees Celsius (April 30, 1931) and 14.4 degrees Celsius (April 26, 1894)""

Water column falling....

Delhi water Delhi water table falling by 2m/yr

""NEW DELHI: The alarm bells are ringing right below our feet. Delhi and portions of Rajasthan falling in the National Capital Region (NCR) extract almost double the amount of groundwater than is recharged every year. The situation is equally bad in NCR portions of Haryana, particularly Gurgaon and Faridabad, which largely depend on groundwater. ""

Water shortage, An every year event in India....

Mysore reeling under water shortage

Mumbai: City has faced worse water shortage

Delhi: Protests over water shortage continue

Pune: City areas reel under water shortage

NAGPUR Opposition to raise water shortage issue