What is nano dam?

Why the term nanodam? What does word nano signify in nanodams?

Why nano dams are needed?

Would you suggest river widening and river deepening

How Nano Dam development foundation will help development of nano dams

Will Nano Dam development foundation raise money

What about nano dam construction technologies.

What are the main advantages/possitve environmental benefitis of nano dams

How much water can be stored in a nano dam

Will nano dams flood adjancent area

What about river sharing between states? Will nano dams violate water sharing?

What about ecological/environmental issues

FAQ's on Nanodam:  

What is nanodam?

    A small dam of height starting from 10 feet to 30 feet built across the riverbed. Water is stored  up to the height of dam and excess water is allowed to overflow over dam structure downstream without causing flooding of adjacent area due to it's presence.

Why the term nanodam? What does word ‘nano’ signify in nanodams?

    The term Nano signifies small in size of the structure, capacity compared to large dams.. Also term ‘nano’ is applicable from financial point of view indicating economical (cheaper) construction technologies involved, lower cost to build, maintain and operate. Besides nano way of thinking is the trend of today (just like tata nano!)

Why nanodams is needed?

    To increase water storage capacity for the given geographical area. Water retained in river helps to maintain humidity in summer conditions and increases water resource availability.

Would you suggest river widening and river deepening?

    Yes. This will always help to enhance water storage and help flood control to some extent.

How Nanodam development foundation will help development of nanodams?

    Nanodam development foundation is involved in bringing awareness with all stakeholders, providing a platform for public government participation for building nanodams across India. Nanodam foundation will look for potential donors, look for potential spots on rivers in India where nanodams can be built. Nanodam foundation will act as a facilitator for financial transactions but also as a project management firm when it comes to execution of nanodams. Finally, nanodam foundation will oversee the construction and operation of the nanodams with local government providing all necessary regulatory clearances while donor providing financial support to construct the nanodam.

Will Nanodam development foundation raise money?

    Yes, we intend to raise funds in future. So far, we have not raised money directly from general public. However we are looking for large sum donors who can donate large sums money. Infact, Nano dam foundation is marketing this concept to raise large sums of money from single donors, which can be used to construct a whole nanodam. Concepts include naming nanodam after the donor or donor's person of importance. Nanodam foundation will facilitate government agency and private donor to carry forward work in this direction.
As of now, Nanodam foundation is currently funded by few NRIs to manage operating expenses. In future we intend to raise funds from general public. We will inform on our website once we are ready to accept to general donations from public directly.

What about nanodam construction technologies?

    This information is available upon signing NDA. Engineering and construction technologies make these nanodams affordable and practical. Technologies developed by nanodam foundation in house with input from universities and other non profit research centres will be made available for general public. Proprietary technologies developed by our partner contractors will not be available for general use. Please email at pm@nanodams.org for NDA and other formalities needed for sharing this knowledgebase.

    We are supported by research scientists, specialists in the area of construction technology, imagery analysis, irrigation experts and financial experts to make nanodams a reality. If you have specialization in above area and would like to participate in aim to develop nanodams, please feel free to express yourselves to pm@nanodams.org

What are the main advantages/positive environmental benefits of nanodams?

  • Additional water body for a given area
  • Helps to maintain humidity (advantage of water body)
  • Helps to recharge ground water level to certain extent
  • Additional water body for bird life
  • Enhanced resource availability
  • Nanodams can help to control water velocity due to blockades

How much water can be stored in a nanodam?
    This is a complex question to answer. Amount of water that can be stored in nanodams depends on length of the riverbed, width of the river, geographical formations, river bed gradient, evaporation rate etc.

Will nanodams flood adjacent area?

    Never. Nanodams are designed not to flood adjacent areas by it's presence. However flooding due to extreme rainfall may not be avoided by nanodams

What about river sharing between states? Will nanodams violate water sharing?

    No, nanodams are built mainly to store rain water to river bed level. Water otherwise would have flown to sea is held and stored. The amount of water stored is significant based on geographical dispersion but not comparable to a large dam. If water is being shared by two states, both states can have nanodams to reap the benefits of additional water storage

What about ecological/environmental issues?

    Absolutely no negative impact on environment by holding water in river. Imagine, all nanodams trying to do is to maintain water in river (with excess water allowed to overflow down the stream which can further be stored by another nanodam until it reaches sea). As far as we know, having water in river would not impact negatively on environment.